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July 31st, The WILD Animals Compete

Good Afternoon Grown-Ups!

It was another wonderful day at camp! We learned all about different signs of animals – tracks, scat, and more! We made our own animal tracks, and then went on a hike to look for some real signs of animals. We found so many! We found deer tracks, bird tracks, worm/snail tracks, human tracks, rabbit scat, deer scat, and some chew marks! It was awesome!

Tomorrow is all about CAMOUFLAGE! We will learn about how animals blend in with their habitat to stay safe as well as examine ways animals try to stand out to protect themselves. We’ll play some games, get crafty with some clay, hike, and at some point this week-we will make a fort!

If you have camouflage please wear it tomorrow! Also please remember to bring a water bottle and clothing for the weather!

See you in the morning!

2012 Nature Olympics Camp Staff