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July 17th – Where the Wildbugs Are (Forest)

20140717_150906Good afternoon campers and parents! Today was spent exploring creatures that live underground. We got a special visit from Manny the praying mantis and he told us all about ants and ant lions (gasp!). Then we got up close with wiggling worms, holding them and talking about their color and habitat. After that we went out on a nice hike and saw a ton of ant hills and some other critters. Then we got to create our own insect out of an egg carton, with three body parts and two antennae. Thanks for a great day campers!

Make sure to wear shorts and water shoes tomorrow as we will be wading in Jack’s Creek to find bugs. Also, parents remember that you are invited to come around 11:30 for the morning session, and 3:30 for the afternoon session for sharing time where we will  be shooting off dragonfly rockets!!


See you soon!

Miss Torey & Miss Tess







(Look at that cool blue caterpillar !!)