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July 18th – Where the Wild Bugs Are (Water)

20140718_103207Today we explored bugs that live in the water, called aquatic macro-invertebrates. We got a special visit from a funny mosquito named Crash who taught us all about them and we played a version of Simon Says to learn about how different aquatic macro-invertebrates eat. We went down to Jack’s Creek and went macro-dipping to look for the invertebrates and had an overall great time splashing around in the water and cooling off.  To end the week, we made dragonfly rockets, which we shot off at the parent celebration ceremony. The rockets were a hit and we are so proud of all our wonderful campers.

A big thank you to campers and parents for a fantastic week learning all about bugs, grubs and slugs. We had such a great time and we hope to see all of you soon!

Miss Torey & Miss Tess