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August 4th – What is a Guardian?

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Hello campers!

Today we learned all about what it takes to be a Great Lakes Guardian! First we made super cool camp hats! We then received a special visit from Fredrick the Frog… a guardian of Sabin Pond! He taught us about what it takes to become a guardian. He also shared with us an oath that we later signed! After snack, we learned about the water cycle and played a really fun game where we were water droplets and once we were tagged by the sun, we evaporated into a cloud! Once the cloud was too full, it rained! We then went on a hike and learned out difficult it is to filter out pollution!

Tomorrow we will finally start our training to become Great Lakes Guardians! We will be hiking to the YMCA to go swimming! So make sure you wear your swimsuit to camp!

See you tomorrow!

Miss Tess and Miss Torey