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August 29th – Wetland Wonders

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Hello Grown-Ups!

Today we learned about the wonders of the wetlands! We learned what a wetland is and how important they are to not only plants and animals, but humans as well! We played a cool game where we became rain that wanted to get to fish, but the wetlands were there to protect the fish from being flooded by rain! We then went on a hike to explore the wetlands firsthand! We were able to use each of our senses during our hike (with the exception of tasting!). After the hike, we made sensory bags that had “frog eggs” in them!

Tomorrow is our last day! We will be learning about invasive species and officially becoming River Rangers! We will be having a ceremony at 11:30, so make sure you are there to watch your camper become an official River Ranger!

See you tomorrow!

Courtney, Jenny and Torey