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August 20th – Water Quality Challenge

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Hello Grown Ups!

Today, the River Rangers faced a Water Quality Challenge! We tested the quality of the Nature Center’s very own Jack’s Creek by catching marco invertebrates as well as measuring the pH and temperature of the water. Ask your camper if Jack’s Creek is healthy or unhealthy. We also got to play some fun games and make crafts that helped us learn about the Boardman River Watershed that we live in!

Tomorrow we are continuing our watery adventures with the Leelanau Outdoor Center. We will be learning to navigate water in canoes! We will also be able to take a swim, so swim suits will be required for this field trip. If campers come with their swimsuits on underneath their clothes, it would be much appreciated and we will be able to make it to the canoes on time!

See you in the morning!

Courtney, Jenny, and Torey