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August 5th – Water Guardians: Part 1

Hello Campers!

Today we officially started guardian training. We spent the morning exploring water by swimming at the YMCA! On our hike, we did a fun activity where we spelled out G-U-A-R-D-I-A-N using nature words! After lunch, we learned about invasive species that are in the Great Lakes and some things that have been done to prevent them. We read a cool book called Sooper Yooper and made Sooper Yooper hero masks. We then played a fun invasive invaders game. And after all of that fun-ness, we learned about all of the things we are going to do tomorrow and Inland Seas!

Tomorrow, we are going to go up to Suttons Bay and go to the Inland Seas Education Association! We are all really excited about this opportunity!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Miss Taryn and Miss Torey