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January 15th – Tricky Tracks

Hi Grown Ups!

What a beautiful winter day! Today we learned about Michigan animals and the tracks they make. We used animal track stamps and used real animal track replicas to make prints in clay and snow. We also went outside to play in the snow and find fresh animal tracks around the Boardman River Nature Center. We found so many animal tracks! Some that may have belonged to deer, squirrel, or fox friends and even some from our human friends!

Next week is “Trees in Winter! We really hope to see you next week as we learn about what the colder weather means for trees and friends that call trees home! In case you weren’t here this week, please note that 11:00-11:30 AM is now Outside with Emily time, every week, so expect to go outside again and dress warmly!

See you Tuesday!

Emily, Barb, and Courtney
“The Peeper People”