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November 6th-The Mighty Oak

Happy Tuesday Grown-Ups!

This week we learned all about…OAK TREES! We read a story, made placemats, made our own oak leaves, learned about different kinds of oaks, and learned a whole lot about acorns. Two of our friends taught us a song about acorns and then we spent a great deal of time outside today looking for acorns. We found lots of tops that were missing bottoms and a few bottoms that were all chewed up…by squirrels! We had a very hard time finding acorns for our next project!

Next Tuesday we are going to be “Nuts About Squirrels!” We have a really fun project planned, good stories and of course going outside! If you have any acorns around your house feel free to bring them in! Grown-ups please take note- when storing acorns, expect that as they dry out…living things INSIDE the acorns…will crawl out. Therefore, please store accordingly!

See you next week!

Courtney & Barb
“The Peepers People”