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April 28th – The BUZZ on Bees!

Hey Peepers!

Today we talked all about bees! We learned what certain bees to during the day during our book called “The Flight of the Honey Bee!” We then did some really cool honeycomb and bee puppet crafts! Afterwards, we ate some delicious honey (buckwheat, clover, star thistle AND comb honey)! After our bellies were full of honey, we headed outside and danced like bees do to communicate where good nectar is! Of course, we ended the day on our hike, were we saw all sorts of insects like ants and flies!

Next week we are talking about one of my favorite insects – ANTS! We’ll be making a cool “ant hotel” to put outside in our backyards and even get up close and personal with some ants!

See you next week!

Miss Torey