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August 14th – Swimmers and Flyers!

Hi Grown-Ups!

What a terrific Tuesday! We had such a great adventure today! We found another clue and another piece of the map from Ollie the Otter, we made boats for bugs and floated them down the creek, and we made fireflies! We also set out food to catch some ants to put in our ant farms! We even had a chance to see a real tadpole and examine some macro-invertebrates up close!

Today’s Captured/Found List:
Milkweed Bugs
Crab Spider (Changes color to camouflage to its surroundings!)
A huge spider (that was accidentally squished before it was identified)
and a whole bunch of Macro Invertebrates!

Tomorrow we will learn all about “Incredible Changing Insects!” We’re going to play a game, look for some more clues, hike a little bit, and check on our ant farms. Please remember to dress for the weather daily and don’t forget your water bottle!

See you in the morning!

Jessica, Courtney, Emily, and Callie

2012 Getting Buggy Camp Staff