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August 21st – Survival Day

Hello Grown-Ups!

Wow! What a TERRIFIC TUESDAY! We played games, made maps, made sun dials, hiked to an old fort, hiked on some boardwalks, found a spring, made slingshots, learned what animals need for survival, learned what people need for survival, learned about tracks, and played capture the flag again. Whew! What another action packed day! We also worked on a special project that the grown-ups will get to be a part of on Friday!

Tomorrow we will go fishing! We’ll learn about fish, finish our poles, practice a few times, and head to the river. We’ll learn about how hard it is to be a fish, and we’ll get up close with some live fish food!

As always dress for the weather and apply sunscreen and bug spray before camp. Shoes that are okay to get wet might be a good idea for tomorrow in case we need to cool our feet off while we’re fishing!

Have a wonderful evening!

Jessica, Courtney, Emily and Callie
2012 Outdoor Explorers Camp Staff