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Summer Camp Blog

Stay up-to-date on all the happenings at our Nature Day Camps! Click on the links below to see what the kids have been up to this summer.

Meet the 2014 Nature Day Camp Staff

Bugs, Grubs and Slugs

Friend or Foe?

Where the Wild Bugs Are (Sky)

Where the Wild Bugs Are (Field)

Where the Wild Bugs Are (Forest)

Where the Wild Bugs Are (Water)

 Grand Traverse Adventurers


Water Conservation

Food & Farm Adventures

Wilderness Adventures

Leave No Trace!

 Jr. Grand Traverse Adventurers

WATER We Doing?

Farm Day!

Protectors Unite

Maps and Parks


 Great Lakes Guardians

What is a Guardian?

Water Guardians: Part 1

Water Guardians: Part 2

Water Guardians: Overnight

 Jr. Great Lakes Guardians

Guardian Day!

Animals of the Great Lakes

Wetland Guardians

Macro Guardians

Invasive Guardians

Beasts of the Backyard

Animal Day

Happy Habitats

Clever Camouflage

Eyes on the Sky

Friendly Fish

Wild and Free!

Mammals and their Meals

Eyes on the Sky

Reptiles and Amphibians

Fish are Friends (and Food)!

Your Wild Side