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August 5th – Spy Code


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Hello Grown Ups!

Welcome to Mission: Bug Finder! Today we all began spy training! We started out by meeting our friend Manny the Praying Mantis who told us what an insect is and how they are different than other bugs like spiders! We then did a cool activity where we had to work as a team to move like an insect and other creepy crawlies! Afterwards, we learned how to catch bugs correctly and played a game that tested the campers to be ethical when handling bugs! We also set some bug traps to see if we could catch some bugs this week! While we were doing that, we found a piece of the map that will lead us to treasure that Buggy the Beetle has hidden! We ended the day with time to practice our targeting skills by shooting some bugs  away from danger and safety.

Tomorrow is “Backyard Bugs” day and we will be learning about what we can find in our very own yards. It might be tricky as some bugs will be camouflaging themselves! We will also make something that will help spiders build a web for your home gardens!

See you tomorrow!

Courtney, Jenny, Torey and Mara