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August 16th – Spinning Spiders

Hi Grown-Ups!

We managed to stay dry all day! We played “Spiders and Flies,” we learned how spiders don’t stick to their webs, how spiders “feel” their food, and how spiders are different from insects. We made rain paintings and marble spider webs, and even finished our lady bug projects!

The most exciting part of the day though… was finding THE FINAL piece of the treasure map! Tomorrow we will be able to go on a hike and find our hidden treasure! Tomorrow is also “BEEing Friends with Bugs” day and we will learn all about bees and how wonderful they are!

We didn’t get a chance to catch any creepy crawlies today since most of them were preparing for the rain. We did find a few milkweed bugs and a really cool beetle though.

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow and we hope that all grown-ups can join us at 11:30 AM so we can share something very special with you!

Have a terrific night!

Jessica, Courtney, Emily, and Callie
2012 Getting Buggy Camp Staff