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July 11th – Snakes, Frogs, and Turtles Oh My!

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Hello campers!

Today was all about reptiles and amphibians! We met with a storyteller who told us some awesome stories about snakes from the Aborigine culture in Australia. We then made Didgeridoos that we learned to play (ask your kids if they know how to pronounce it!). Afterwards, we spent some time playing outside. We also got the chance to watch for some reptiles and amphibians at the wetlands area outside the nature center! Finally, the campers got the chance to meet and feed our frog and pet our turtle!


Tomorrow, we will be learning about “Friendly Fish and Other Aquatic Animals”! We will get to go to Kid’s Creek to fish! Be sure to have your camper bring a snack and get ready to go fishing!


See you tomorrow!

Courtney, Jenny and Torey