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Sledding down the hill!

We welcomed new faces and a few returning faces to our first session of Winter/Spring Knee High Naturalists! After some introductions and a new good morning song that we used to get our wiggles out, we read an interesting book called Snow is Falling. In the end of this book the characters took black construction paper outside with magnifying glasses. They used the black paper to catch snowflakes and then used the magnifying glasses to get a closer look. So, guess what we did!?

You got it, we bundled our bodies up after a nice snack and headed outside with our paper and magnifying glasses. On our way out, Ms. Taryn and Ms. Rachel were sure to show us on of our favorite additions to Knee High this year, an entire box of SNOW TOYS! We grabbed our shovels and sleds and headed to the perfect sledding hill. We took turns zooming down the hill next to the stairs of the Lower Sabin Trail. We giggled with excitement as our turns got faster and faster with the snow becoming packed down. We even knocked Ms. Taryn over a few times when she caught us at the bottom of the hill- we thought this was particularly funny!

After we were done sledding we continued down the stairs past our sledding hill to the mini-mac lookout. We each took out our piece of black construction paper and began to catch as many beautiful tiny snowflakes as we could. We huddled together on the lookout and began to look closely at what we had caught. We spoke about the tiny snow crystals and how they are made. We spoke about how snowflakes are symmetrical and how many sides they have. We all agreed that this was something new for all of us to try and we cannot wait to try it again at home!

We trekked back up to the hill to the nature center where we continued to warm up before our parents and guardians arrived. Ms. Rachel surprised us with a big bowl of fake SNOW! It was even cold too. We enjoyed squishing it between our fingers and building tunnels for the animals. We cannot wait for more fun next week and learning how to use snowshoes!

Fake Snow Recipe:

  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1 cup of shaving cream

Mix together with a fork, add more of each if needed to the mixture until you get a light and fluffy consistency.