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September 25th – Spinning Spiders

Hi again Grown-ups!

Today was one of our favorite days- “Spinning Spiders” the perfect theme now that it’s almost October!
Today we learned all about different kinds of spiders, the body parts of a spider, where spiders live and what they eat! Not only that, but we had the chance to see real live spiders and an egg sac. Then we made our own spiders AND our own spider webs. They were BEAUTIFUL! Story time was excellent today, we sat on a huge web that was all over the floor. Then because the weather outside was just fantastic- we went a looked for spiders and spider webs. We found a few webs, a toad AND a praying mantis egg sac! It was so cool!

Next week you won’t want to miss class as we will be learning about the signs of fall and “Magnificent Maples.” As always, plan to go outside to explore, be ready to listen to a good story or two, bring your imagination and come prepared for some fun. Don’t forget you can now pre-register online. Spots are filling quickly so don’t miss out on your chance to have a great Tuesday morning!

See you next week!

Courtney and Barb

“The Peepers People”