Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

Sensing Nature

Sensing Nature is a captivating Environmental Education Program designed for grade K at the Boardman River Nature Center. In this 2 hour program, students will use their senses to observe the natural world. They will develop their senses and expand their use through hands-on activities in the Nature Center classroom and pavilion, and a sensing nature hike on the trails of the Natural Education Reserve. The program is designed to get kids outside, introduce them to the wonders of nature, allow them to explore the outdoors, and to participate in an active learning environment. It was developed to inspire exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

This program was created specifically for grades K-1 but can be adapted for other age groups as well.

Sensing Nature will include three components:

+       What are the five senses?
Since young children learn primarily through their senses and from direct experience, the Sensing Nature program will use sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste to observe the natural world.

+       How do humans and other animals use their five senses to survive?
This program will help children to develop their senses. The hands-on activities and the hike will strengthen the children’s sensitivity to the natural world.

+       How can we use our five senses to study and protect nature?
The hands-on activities will encourage children to handle animals with care and will foster a respect for all living things. The exploration hike will raise the children’s awareness of the negative effects people can have on the natural world. It will encourage them to act responsibly toward the earth.

All of our programs meet many Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and Next Generation Science Standards.

For a full list of standards that the Sensing Nature conforms to, CLICK HERE.