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July 31st- Recyclin’ Rangers

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Hi Grown-Ups!
What a day! Our morning started quickly with a visit from Mr. Bill at American Waste. He brought one of the recycling trucks and taught us how the recycling process works locally. The truck was so loud! Then we finished a craft from yesterday (our food chain cups) and had snack. After snack we tried making a trash timeline but we just had SO much energy we had to run around for a little bit. We ended our day with a hike showcasing how trash can blend in, cleaning up the trail, and a recycling relay!

Tomorrow morning we’ll start by making maracas since we ran out of time today. Then it’s ALL ABOUT WATER for “Water We Doing?” day! We’ll be visiting Jack’s Creek for stream sampling, floating nature boats, and maybe another race. Jack’s Creek is ankle deep so swimming suit aren’t needed but can always be worn (splashing does occur). Also a good water shoe is strongly recommended. As always, don’t for get snack and have a good night!

See you in the morning!

Ms. Courtney, Ms. Torey, and Ms. Jenny