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Quack Me Up!



Hi Grown-ups!

At Peepers today, Barb read us stories about ducks and ducklings. We shared our own stories, sang “A little white duck”, and made our own ponds out of recycled materials. We also played in the sensory table that was filled with rubber ducks (and boats by request)!

We had a beautiful hike down to Sabin Dam to see all of the ducks, geese, and swans in action. We looked through our binoculars (provided) and explored the spring activities of the waterfowl as they swam, dove, and flew over our heads! We wondered why there were so many ducks flying over us all at once…as a hawk flew by?

Join us next Tuesday for Fabulous Frogs, we will discover the life-cycle of frogs through story, craft, and of course the great outdoors.

Thanks for coming friends!

Emily and Barb

“The Peepers People”