Red Pine – Steven Katovich, USDA Forest Service,

Pine, Red – 6-12″ (2-0)

Red pine (Pinus resinosa) is a fast growing, long-lived tree that can reach heights of 50-80 feet.  It is straight stemmed.  Red pine is shade intolerant and prefers full sun on a moist or dry site.  It grows best on a well-drained, sandy loam soil.  Itis an excellent tree for reforestation of poor, sandy sites.  Red pine is self-pruning; there tends not to be dead branches on the trees, and older trees may have very long lengths of branchless trunk below the canopy.

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Product Description

  • Seedling Size:  18-24″
  • Seedling Age:  3-0
  • Mature Height:  50 – 80 feet
  • Mature Width:  20 – 40 feet
  • Soil Type:  Sandy, Well-Drained
  • Moisture:  Dry, Moderate
  • Sun:  Full sun
  • Growth Rate:  Medium

Key Characteristics of Red Pine

  • Pollen cones form April-May.  2″ long seed cones mature in fall of the second year.
  • Fissures within the bark are reddish in color, giving it the name, “red pine.”
  • Needles are in clusters of two and are brittle when bent.

Visitors Attracted to Red Pine

Using as a Windbreak?

How do you want to use your red pine?  To use for a windbreak, the recommendation is to space 6′ x 8′ or 7′ x 7′.