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August 13th – PleasANT Pals!

Hi Campers and Grown-Ups!

Wow! What a first day! We learned characteristics of an insect, we learned about the different jobs ants have, we learned proper catching techniques (to keep us and creepy crawlies safe) and we definitely caught a lot of creepy crawlies!

Today’s Captured List:
Milkweed Tussock Caterpillar (will turn into a MOTH)
Leaf Hoppers
An Assassin Bug
and Milkweed Bugs

We also found ANT LION traps! Ant Lions are insects that set traps and catch ants to eat! We went for a hike, we looked for insects that were camouflaged and we made ant farms, which we will feed all week!

Perhaps the most exciting news was that some of the campers found a clue from Ollie the Otter about treasure! The clue from Ollie led us to find a piece of a treasure map on the trail! We’ll look for clues all week long and hopefully find some treasure.

Tomorrow we will learn about creepy crawlies that swim and fly! We will be going down near Jack’s Creek and we might play in the shallow water. Shoes that are okay to get wet are recommended as well as a spare pair of socks. We had a little bit of rain today, but everyone had rain coats and sweatshirts so we were still able to go out. Please continue to dress for the weather all week!

See you tomorrow!

Jessica, Courtney, Emily, and Callie

2012 Getting Buggy Camp Staff