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Plant by Number Native Plant Flats

Butterfly Flat - Picture Taken 4/15/15

Butterfly Plant by Number Flat

NPS - Garden Flats - Grassland

Grassland Plant by Number Flat

Would you like to plant native plants to support local habitat but you aren’t sure where to start? Our Plant by Number Native Plant Flats are a great way to get started with native plants!

These 38 plug flats come in eight different “designs” to choose from and are only $80/each!

Orders are complete for 2019; check back in April of 2020 for next year’s pre-orders!

Native plants can be purchased individually at our Native Plant Sale on May 18th .

Butterfly  *  Grassland  *  Pollinator * Shoreline
Rain  *  Shade  *  Wildflower * Monarch

Orders will be ready for pick-up during our Native Plant Sale on May 18th .

Each design comes with its own planting instructions.  You simply match up numbers from the flat to a 4′ x 10′ planting space and you will have a blooming garden the next year (flats are small one-year old plants about 1″ in diameter and most will not bloom or reach full growth the year of planting, but should the following year).

Here are pictures of a Pollinator flat planted in June 2016 with follow-up pictures from September 2016.    

Example pictures:

Example plant-by-numbers flat directions. Plants will vary by kit and availability.

Butterfly Garden Example (due to availability, species may be substituted)

Example of the native flowers that might be included in a Butterfly Flat