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December 4th-Pine Cone Fun!

Hi grown-ups!
What a beautiful day we had! Just in time for December we learned all about different pine trees, their seeds and the animals that need them. We looked at big pine cones and teeny tiny pine cones. We made ornaments and finger painted, used all kinds of glitter and made some really pretty holiday decorations. We listened to a story and went on a hike to investigate some pine trees. The hike was beautiful!

Next week is our LAST Peeper Session of the season. Our theme is “I’ll have an EverGREEN Christmas” and we’ll make some very crafty projects using evergreens, play outside, read a story and of course have a few fun activities from Ms. Barb! We hope you’ll join us next week as we celebrate the end of a fantastic Peeper Fall Season!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Courtney and Barb

“The Peeper People”