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Reb Ratliff

Reb is an Elk Rapids native returning to northern Michigan after having spent the last several years in the Pacific Northwest. While living in Portland, Oregon he worked primarily for a local land trust, but also held seasonal positions with The Nature Conservancy, as well as working as a wetland technician at a Soil and Water Conservation District in Alaska.

Since graduating from Michigan State University with a major in Environmental Science and Management, Reb has also enjoyed gaining valuable work experiences through the Student Conservation Association as a crew leader, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a restoration planner, and as a general stewardship worker for a local northern Michigan land trust.

Reb is very excited to once again be playing an active role in the protection and management of northern Michigan’s beautiful natural areas. When he is not enjoying the outdoors as part of his job, he can usually be found doing so in his free time.

Phone: 231.941.0960 x27