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October 6th – Beautiful Birds

beautiful birds 2

Hi Peepers! Welcome Back!

We’re so happy to have you join us here at the Nature Center and are excited for another great season! This fall we’ve started off with a great flurry of activities and today we talked all about our beautiful birds! We started with a few wonderful bird stories and then created our very own owl puppets! What a hoot! We learned what it felt like to pick up food using different types of bird beaks. We also made bird nests using real nesting materials and then took a nature hike to see if we could spot any birds outside.beautiful birds 1

We were lucky enough to see swans, mallard ducks, AND wood ducks and were able to get a closer look with our binoculars. Along the boardwalk, we listened carefully and heard a blue jay as well as the sound of ducks shaking water off their backs! We also discovered what the world looks like through the red-tinted eyes of a loons using red lenses. Do you remember why this was an important adaptation? – The red-tint of their eyes reduces the glare from the sun while a loon  is searching for food underwater.

Thanks for coming out to learn about birds! Join us next week to learn about the “Busy Little Squirrels” as they prepare for colder weather!