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October 27th – Dem Bones, Dem Bones

Good Morning Peepers!peepers pic 1

It was a brisk morning at the Boardman River Nature Center as we learned all about the importance of our bones! We found out first hand the structure our skeletons give our bodies as we made hand models demonstrating what it would feel like to be missing our finger bones. We then scoped out the skeletons of different members of our local wildlife, noticing that bones came in all shapes and sizes – just think of the snake skeleton! We also had a chance to make our own fish skeletons with all sorts of different “bone” shaped pasta noodles.

Our bones began to boogie as we did the skeleton dance to warm up for our outdoor activities! Outside, we traced our bodies in chalk and drew in our very colorful skeletons. After we finished our drawings, we used our legs and feet bones to take a nice hike through the woods, the perfect end for a morning all about bones!

Join us next week to learn about one of my favorite reminders of Fall – “Jolly Pumpkins” as we celebrate one of everybody’s favorite orange fruits!

peepers pic 3