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October 20th – FALLing for Fruit

Hey Peepers!

Holy reindeer! – We sure have lots of different types of apples grown peepers blog 2here in Michigan! SO many in fact that Michigan produces the 3rd most apples in the United States. Today we learned all about this amazing fruit beginning with the story of the “Apple Pie Tree” – we even had a chance to plant our own apple pie trees (using our trusty apple pie play-dough) to bring home. The apples also became stamps as we used them to paint some awesome apple art! We got a chance to think like a scientist as we learned about the air pockets within apples that helps them float.

We had a special treat today as we had 16 different types of Michigan grown apples to try! It was hard to pick only one favorite but mine was the Jonagold. Which apple was your favorite? A big thanks to Farmer Joe for letting us have a couple of bushels of his delicious apples to try!

After our scrumptious apple snacks, we ventured outside to take a hike – learning that part of the Natural Education Reserve was once an apple orchard. We still have some of the apple trees to prove it as we examined the 70 year old apple tree just outside the Nature Center! We even jumped into one of the giant apple crates left behind from Apple Harvest Days this past weekend. Oh, we truly have are lucky to have so many apples in Michigan!

Join us for next week’s adventure as we learn all about “Dem Bones, Dem Bones” as they truly are an important and scientifically complex subject! It’s going to be a bone-ified great time!

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