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October 13th – Busy Little Squirrels

Busy Squirrels 1
Busy Squirrels 3
Hi Peepers!

Our numbers are really growing as this week we had a new record amount of Peepers at 26! Just like today’s topic, we were “busy little squirrels” learning about what it takes to get ready for winter! We made squirrel nose masks as we cached away acorns and prepared our nests. We also made our own squirrel puppets – do you remember the bushy squirrel tail made out of leaves and pine needles?

It was a great morning for our hike down the Sabin Pond Trail as we looked high and low throughout the trees for squirrel nests. A chatty red squirrel greeted us as we walked down the path, but he remained hidden in the trees the entire time – maybe he didn’t want to leave his cozy warm nest. We also inspected the mighty oak trees for acorns and learned why trees drop their leaves as they too prepare for winter.

Can you name all the different types of squirrels that call Michigan their home? Remember, we have 6 different species! We have Fox squirrelsThirteen-lined ground squirrels, Red squirrels, Northern Flying Squirrels, Southern Flying Squirrels, and Gray squirrels! The gray squirrel is truly neat as the those around here have two different “morphs,” – one is black, and the other is grey.

Thanks so much for joining us this week, and get ready for next week’s “FALLing for fruit,” where we’ll learn just how amazing our fruit trees can be!