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November 3rd – Jolly Pumpkins

IMG_5600peepers edit 2Good Morning Peepers!

The sun was smiling as we enjoyed an exceptionally warm November morning investigating the in-and- outs of the “jolly pumpkins.” We started off by reading the story “From Seed to Pumpkin,” and then examined a couple of our shiny orange friends both inside and out. Do you remember what the yummy part on the inside is called? The pulp! – which can be scooped out to make a delicious pumpkin pie filling. We also tried pumpkin seeds and discovered they make a tasty treat!

Once we learned about the different parts of a pumpkin, we were ready to put together our own craft pumpkins, with stringy pulp brains and real pumpkin seeds. Everyone did a great job of putting their pumpkins together in the right order! We also painted our very own pumpkins with all sorts of bright colors and added eyes – I’m sure they’ll be great decorations at your house, greeting guests with a smile!

We then made our way to the pumpkin vine outside that had magically “sprouted” as we were inside enjoying our crafts. The vine quickly grew a magnificent rainbow of pumpkins as we filled the front walkway from end to end with awesome chalk pumpkins! After finishing our drawings, we took a great hike back into the woods, and while we may not have seen any pumpkin patches, we stumbled upon lots of leaves to jump around in!

Thanks for joining us and we’re excited to see you again next week as we answer the question of the owl and discover “Whoo Whoo goes there?” Get ready to have FUN on our “Owl Adventures!”