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November 17th – Time to Sleep

IMG_1415Good Morning Peepers!

Winter is on the way, and it’s the perfect time to learn about what it takes for animals to get ready to hibernate. It’s almost “time to sleep” away the frigid weather. Just like Bear and the other animals in our story, we each find a way to put off sleep just a little bit longer, but it’s important to be ready when the time comes.

I’ve never seen so many perfectly sewn fuzzy bears before, as everyone did an amazing job of sewing them up and building them a nice warm den for the winter! We made sure to forage for food with our noses and enjoyed a nice popcorn snack. All that popcorn made me tired, and luckily we had our own dens set up to crawl in. Everyone was super nice and shared our dens with our fuzzy friends – Woodchuck and Bear.

After we rested, we enjoyed a long hike down the Fox Den trail. We found a fresh set of deer tracks! There will be plenty more to follow as the snow begins to fall, but no bear tracks as it’s almost time to sleep.

Come join us next week as we learn to walk the walk and talk the talk – “Turkey Talk. Let’s learn and celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday bird!

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