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November 10th – Whoo Whoo goes there? Owl Adventures

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Hey Peepers!

Today we really answered the question “Whoo whoo goes there?” by learning all amount the magnificent owls that call Northern Michigan home. From the mighty great horned owl to the tiny saw-wet owl, we discovered the awesome and unique birds that owls are!

The “hoots” were nonstop as the class transformed into a “parliament” of owls as we made masks and created owl puppets. Everyone did a great job as we all helped paint the owl nesting box that will soon be on display in the Nature Center. Perhaps one lucky owl will decide to roost in our colorfully created owl home. You’ll have to keep an eye out for new visitors.

We enjoyed the beautiful day outside as we took our hike and searched for signs of owls. We were on the prowl for nests, feathers, and pellets but just like we learned they could do, the owls did a great job of blending into the environment with their camouflage.

Join us next week for “Time to Sleep” where we will learn about how our native wildlife gets ready for winter. Can’t wait to see you there!