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May 19th – Peepers in Full Bloom

20150519_105653Hey Peepers!

Today was unfortuantely our last day of Peepers for the spring season! We talked all about gardening and plants! We read a cool story about what a girl would plant if she could plant anything! We then sang a fun song about the parts of a plant (Roots, Stems, Leaves and Flowers!). Afterwards, we got started on our fun craft activity, painting our flower pots! We then ate some “dirt ‘n worms” (oreo pudding cups!) while our pots dried. Since they weren’t quite dry yet and we had a ton of extra energy, we went on a quick hike that included a game. Finally, when we got back inside, our pots were dry enough to start transplanting our plants to take home! They looked so beautiful!

We will start the Fall season of Peepers sometime in September so be on the lookout for any information about it!

It’s been a real pleasure teaching your children!
Until next time,
Miss Torey

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