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July 19th, Magnificent Macro-Invertebrates!

Hi again grown-ups!

We had quite a bit of rain this morning but we didn’t let that stop us from having some fun on “Magnificent Macro-Invertebrate Day”! We couldn’t go down to the stream to collect macro-invertebrates, but Mr. Jim collected a bunch and brought them back for us to examine. We looked at crayfish, crane fly larvae, worms, scuds, stone fly larvae, mayfly larvae and even a fish! It was awesome!  We also went for a short hike, read a wonderful book, and made pine cone creatures! Next time you’re by a  creek or pond see what you and your camper can find swimming around!

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is already our last day! We’ve been working on a very special project all week that we hope to share with our grown-ups from 11:30am-12:00pm tomorrow, so we really hope you can make it! Tomorrow is all about “Wonderful Water” and we will explore wetlands and the water cycle, we’ll play a game, and maybe even make a cloud in a jar!

Have a spectacular evening and we’ll see you in the morning! Please remember that sunscreen and bug spray application must be done before camp!

See you in the morning!

Jessica, Julie, Courtney, and Margarita (Mr. Jim too!)

2012 Wet Wonders Camp Staff