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August 14th – Macro Guardians

20140814_110046 IMG_3157

Hey there campers!

Today we learned all about how important freshwater is to us and others. We spent some time searching for Macro-Invertebrates (bugs that we can see, and has no backbones) to see if our stream is healthy or not! Luckily, we saw some Macros that are healthy, so we concluded that Jacks Creek is pretty healthy! Afterwards, we made some popsicle boats and floated them at Jacks Creek! When we got back to camp, we played a quick game of frogs and flies and then made some really                                                                                         neat fish out of coffee filters!

Tomorrow is our last day of camp. This week has gone by so quickly! We will be learning about invasive species!

See you tomorrow!

Miss Torey