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January 8th – Let it Snow!

Hello Grown Ups!
We hope you rested up over break, because we are back! Back with new lessons, a new staff member to the Peepers team and some great new activities! Emily will be joining us starting next Tuesday for our “Tricky Tracks” lesson. Emily will be taking everyone our for the entire last half hour, so make sure you dress for the weather, and come ready to play!

This week, we learned all about snow! How all of the flakes are different, and how they are made. Our favorite part was certainly playing in the snow! We even brought some INSIDE to play with! On our hike Ms. Levi let us fill the bird feeders! We barely made it inside before a squirrel leaped from a tree to the feeders to eat the peanuts we just put out! It was a great day!

Welcome back everyone! We hope to see you this season on Tuesday morning from 10-11:30 for new and exciting lessons every week! Don’t forget- you can pre-register to save your seat online now.

See you on Tuesday!

Courtney and Barb
“The Peepers People”