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July 22 – Leave No Trace

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The first day of camp was full of exploration and games! We started out by learning what it means to “leave no trace” in nature and how to spy un-natural objects on the trail. Then we took an awesome hike where we saw, touched, smelled, and heard tons of cool natural things. Ask your camper what kinds of animals and plants they saw on their hike! In the afternoon, we played games in the field and made some super neat recycled gardens and owls!

Tomorrow is “Wonderful Water” day and we’re learning all about the water cycles and how plants and animals (humans too!) depend upon clean water to survive. We are also going to get into the water ourselves at the YMCA! Don’t forget to bring your bathing suits and towels because we are definitely going to want to swim after a long hike.

See you in the morning!

Courtney, Jenny, and Torey