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Plant Native to Restore Your Landscape

The plants that our native to our region are well adapted to our harsh soils, long winters and voracious herbivores. Not only are native plants successful in a landscape setting, they are easier and less costly to maintain, they attract and support a variety of regional wildlife, and they provide a learning environment for teaching children about the natural world. If these ideas resonate with you values,  ISN would recommend you consider incorporating native plants into your landscape and avoid purchasing invasive ornamental plants.

Why plant native? There are a lot of reasons! Here are a few:

  • Well adapted to soil and climate – Native plants are well adapted to our climate and support a wide variety of animals living in our region. They also are a good choice for the hands-off gardener and when properly placed require little additional effort to thrive, especially when grown from local seed collected within our region.
  • Attract wildlife & increase biodiversity – Native plants support an amazing diversity of butterflies, moths, and other insects – not to mention all of the other critters that rely on insects for food (mammals, bird, reptiles and amphibians). Non-native plants simply cannot perform this critical habitat role.
  • They’re beautiful – Native plants are beautiful! The birds and butterflies they attract aren’t so shabby, either.
  • They are a part of us – Native plants are an important piece of our natural heritage. They’re part of what makes our region a unique and inspiring place.
  • Support Local Agriculture – Incorporating more native plants into your home landscape helps attract pollinators that increase crop yields, as well as insect predators that reduce costs for pest management.