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August 19th – Invasive Invaders

River Rangers Monday Blog 1

River Rangers Monday Blog 2


Hello Grown Ups!

Today we did a ton! We learned what it means to be a ranger by none other than Ranger Fredrick himself! We signed our ranger oaths and did a challenging maze! We then went on a nice hike where we made our own mini national parks! After lunch, we learned about all the water in the world and how there is a limited amount of freshwater available. We then read Sooper Yooper, a book about saving the Great Lakes from invasive species like zebra mussels and sea lampreys. We then played a game that showed us how hard it is for native plants to survive when invasive plants take root. Overall, it was a really fun day!

Tomorrow we are going to learn about water quality! We will be examining the health of Jacks Creek as well and learning about what a watershed is! Make sure to bring your water shoes!


See you tomorrow!

Ms. Courtney, Ms Jenny and Ms Torey