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August 12-Insect or Not

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Hi Grown-Ups!

The first day of camp was full of bug-finding adventures! The Insect Investigators learned about what makes an insect an insect and how they are different than other bugs. We also set some super-sneaky spy traps to catch bugs that crawl on the ground! Ask your camper how we caught the bugs and insects that live in trees. After hunting for ants and ant lions on the Sabin Pond Trail, we made our very own ladybug pavers that will be ready to take home tomorrow!

Fancy Fliers is the theme for tomorrow, which means we are going to learn all about bugs and insects that fly! We will search for butterflies, dragonflies, and much more while learning about all the things that make flying bugs and insects special. So come prepared for a full morning of fun and spy adventure!

See you tomorrow!

Courtney, Jenny, and Torey