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August 15th – Incredible Insects

Good Afternoon Grown-Ups!

What a wonderful Wednesday! We learned all about insects that “change” today. We started our day by playing with some meal worms and then looked at the Dark Fly, which is what meal worms change into! The worms crawled all over our hands and it tickled! Then, we went through the life cycle of a butterfly. First, we became butterfly eggs, then we slowly hatched into hungry caterpillars. After that we went into our chrysalis and waited…and waited….until we broke free and could fly around! We then went to visit the butterfly garden to get a drink of nectar! Following that we went on a hike where we found our THIRD clue from Ollie the Otter! We only need to find one more piece to complete the treasure map! We ended our day by feeding the frogs and turtles in the nature center, starting our ladybug project and playing with the bug puppets.

Today’s Captured/Found List:
Milkweed Bugs
HUGE grasshoppers
and Spittlebugs

The theme for tomorrow is “Spinning Spiders!” We will learn about different kinds of spiders and webs. Depending on the weather we might go out and look for some spiders and webs…or we might turn the classroom into a GIANT SPIDER WEB! We’ll play games, do a really awesome craft and we might even have a few games to play!

We will go outside if it just sprinkling, so please dress accordingly. In the chance that it thunderstorms or down pours we will stay inside!

Have a fantastic night!

Jessica, Courtney, Emily, and Callie

2012 Getting Buggy Camp Staff