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September 11th – Here Comes the SUNflowers!

Welcome Grown-ups!

Today was the start to a fantastic fall season of Peepers! We welcomed both new and old friends alike this morning as we learned about sunflowers and seeds. Not only did we read several spectacular stories, finger paint, and make a sunflower almost as tall as us, but we also investigated several real sunflowers! We pulled them apart and looked at all the different parts! After that we ended the day with a wonderful seed hunt and hike. We hiked all around outside to find different seeds. Our favorites were the Milkweed seeds that we could hold up in the air and let the wind take them away! It was a great morning!

Next weeks theme is “FALLing for Fruit” and we will learn about (& taste) yummy apples! We’ll have stories, and will also get to paint-so don’t wear your favorite clothes! We will also do an activity inside AND outside, therefore you should make sure to dress for the weather.  We’re looking forward to more familiar faces as well as new faces.

We can’t wait to see you next Tuesday morning at 10AM- don’t forget you can now pre-register to save your spot!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Courtney and Barb
“The Peepers People”