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July 29th – Here Comes the Sun!

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Hello Grown Ups!

Today was SUN day! And even though the sun wasn’t out all morning, we were still able to learn about how important the sun is to us! Make sure to ask your camper what they learned! We played a cool game that involved the sun unfreezing tagged campers! We were able to go on a hike and played a game that challenged us to use our memory! Finally, we made cool suns out of paper plates! Afterwards we used our suns to shine some light onto our plants since the real sun wasn’t out!

We had a blast with your camper today and are really excited for tomorrow! We are learning about animals! We will have the Raven Hill Discovery Center come by with live animals to show the kids! Get excited, I know we are!

See you tomorrow!

Courtney, Jenny and Torey