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August 8th – Heading Underground

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The Mission Bug Finder Spies headed underground today and learned all about bugs that live beneath us. We used Bionic Hearing to listen to bugs, birds, chipmunks, and much more on our hike! We also spotted tons of ant colonies making their homes under the trail. The last piece of Buggie Beetle’s Treasure Map was hidden in the pine forest where we made our Secret Spy Forts!

The last day of camp is sure to be full of bug fun! We will adventure down to Jack’s Creek to explore the bugs that live underwater. Now that we have all the pieces to Buggie Beetle’s Treasure Map, we can finally put it together and search for the long-lost hidden treasure! Campers should make sure to bring their water shoes because we’re going on an Underwater Chase!

See you in the morning!

Courtney, Jenny, and Torey