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February 5th-Frozen Feathers

Hi Grown-ups!

Today we learned all about winter birds. We made our own bird feeders out of recycled plastic jars and filled them with scoops of birdseed to feed the birds in our own backyard! Then a storyteller came to tell us a really fun story about how the birds got their feathers. Outside, we chose a tree to hang our bird feeders on and then got out our binoculars to look for birds. Some of us were lucky enough to see an Eagle soar over the Boardman River and land in a nearby tree!

Next week, we will be discovering animals that are active in winter. Come make your own habitat creation and venture out into the snowy forest with us! Please, wear clothing that will keep you warm on our snowy hike.

Thank you and we will see you next Tuesday!

Emily and Barb

“The Peeper People”