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August 23rd – Frogs, Turtles, and Bugs

Hi again Grown-Ups!
Can you believe tomorrow is Friday already?! This week flew by! We had so much fun again today! We hiked to the fort, found a really cool white “floating” caterpillar, learned a few differences between frogs and toads, played a game, made dioramas, went  stream dipping for macro-invertebrates at Jack’s Creek and caught THREE FISH and a bunch of macro-invertebrates! We finalized our super special presentation for tomorrow, read a book, and went on a bug hunt.

We did so much! Everyone should get plenty of rest tonight since tomorrow is our BIG adventure. Remember tomorrow we will visit Brown Bridge Quiet Area for a field trip from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.  We will eat lunch there and play in the meadow as well as hike. For tomorrow you will want: sunscreen, a hat and/or sunglasses, a water bottle, your lunch and your backpack! Take a look through your backpack tonight and take out anything that you won’t need to lighten the load!

We are so excited for our field trip! We’ll see you bright and early for our adventure!

Jessica, Courtney, Emily and Callie
2012 Outdoor Explorers Camp Staff