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Forestry Assistance Program

Kama Ross is the Forestry Assistance Program forester for the Benzie, Leelanau and Grand Traverse Conservation Districts.  This grant funded program provides the following services within the three districts mentioned.  Please contact Kama at or 231-256-9783 x15 for more information on any of the services below.

Forestry Assistance – if you own forested land, Kama can hike your woods with you and discuss the general health of your forest and provide you with management strategies and connections.

Landowner Workshops – throughout the year, Kama conducts and/or coordinates workshops for Landowners in Benzie, Leelanau and Grand Traverse counties.  Check out our Events listing for more info.

Forestry Referrals – the Forestry Assistance Program works to provide an initial professional contact with landowners who are interest in forest management on their property.  This is a free service to landowners.

Qualified Forest Program (QFP) – the QFP program encourages private forestland owners to harvest timber in a sustainable fashion based on a forest management plan.  Property enrolled in this plan receive property tax incentives.  Here is the link to the State of Michigan information on the program:

Forest Health – currently there are numerous diseases and insects affecting forests in Grand Traverse and nearby counties (Emerald Ash Borer, Beech Bark Disease, Oak Wilt, Asian Long-Horned Beetle, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid). Kama can help landowners determine if any of these diseases and/or insects are affecting their forest health.

Residential Forestry Consulting – trees around homes provide shade, beauty and noise reduction.  Limited consulting may be available for residences.

Timber Sale Assistance – to learn about timber sales, Kama can direct you to knowledgeable professionals in the areas of general tax information, marking trees to be cut, contracts and protecting your standing value.

Timber Stand Improvement – it is a good idea for landowners to have goals when it comes to timber stand improvement.  This is from an economic standpoint as well as for wildlife use and forest health.

Tree Planting Assistance – we take orders for our annual Seedling Sale usually starting sometime in February and ending in late March .  Seedlings are usually ready for pick-up near Earth Day.  Kama and the other professionals at the Grand Traverse Conservation District can provide tips on planting bare root seedlings.