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August 22nd – Fish Friends

Good Afternoon Grown-Ups!

We had a seriously wonderful…and watery Wednesday! We went fishing, played a Salmon Ladder Game to learn how fish survive, looked for and played with worms, painted a HUGE river mural, shrunk to the size of a leprechaun and made our own national parks, worked on our special presentation for the grown-ups on Friday, and worked on our journals! It was just another action packed awesome day at camp!

Tomorrow is “Frogs, Turtles, and Bugs!” We are going to learn about things that hop, swim, jump, and crawl. As always there will be some fun games,  hikes, art projects and special surprise activities that will probably require a change of clothing or a swim suit (weather pending)!

We hope you’re having a blast at camp and we’ll see you in the morning!

Jessica, Courtney, Emily and Callie
2012 Outdoor Explorers Camp Staff