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August 24th – Field Trip Friday

Well Grown-Ups,

It’s Friday already and that means the end of another terrific week here at camp!
We hope you had a fantastic summer and that camp was a blast. Today we made “DISCOVERY” bracelets and for each letter of the word, we had a different activity on our field trip. Our bracelets/necklaces will help us remember to always keep discovering new things in nature! Today we also… got to examine Brown Bridge Dam as they were removing parts of it, go on a hike, find a few toads, and MAKE ice cream! We played with the stream table to understand how rivers and dams work, and we perfected our performance for the end of the day.

It was the best way to end the last day of camp. Have a spectacular school year and come back soon! You can visit us all year long for other nature programs.

See ya at camp next summer (or sooner)!

Jessica, Courtney, Emily and Callie
2012 Outdoor Explorers Camp Staff